There is nothing more rewarding than having quality time with your dog.

Coming up with new ideas for entertaining and enjoying your dogs can sometimes be difficult especially when you have already completed various ‘doggy’activities/sports

Scent training may be just what you are looking for!

You have probably noticed that All dogs have one thing in common – a sensitive nose!

The act of sniffing is a normal and natural canine behaviour.

Understanding why and how dogs ‘scent’ opens up a whole new world for you both to engage in and by working together you can have a wonderful time sniffing things out!

A brilliant pastime for dogs of all ages, all breeds and all abilities. Dogs with injuries or disabilities can also take part. We have had several blind dogs and deaf dogs successfully enjoying this sport. Why? Because they are having fun using their noses and working in partnership with their owners.

As a dog sport, Scentwork has emerged from detection style nosework as practiced by customs and excise, explosives detection, search and rescue and medical detection dogs.

It is fun, rewarding and mentally tiring for dogs. It can improve relationships between you and your dog.

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