Are you and your dog tired of the same exercise routine? Are you looking for some inspiration and to injecting some WOW moments into your relationship with your dog? Then take a peek at what Best Buddies Bonanza has to offer!

Best Buddies BONANZA has been put together for pet dog owners who would like to learn an awesome non-competitive sport with emphasis on fun!

OR.. you may even prefer not to look at this as a sport but as a means of learning how to have a better connection with your dog, a dog that actually wants to hang out with you!

BBB is all about having fun and building an awesome connection with your own dog rather than then being precious about competitive standards of training.

Once we teach you some crazy fun skills and you feel ready, you and your dog may perform these by navigating your way round one of our specially designed courses of numbered stations! Dogs work naturally, on the left and right sides. We have included on-lead and off lead work, close work and distance work. Moves may be stationary or literally on the move!

You and your dog are a team and you win awards based on your scores, you don’t need to worry about how anyone else scores! See how much you can learn and achieve in a supportive, non-pressurised environment!

Best Buddies Bonanza is for everyone! Many of the exercises we teach have a practical use which spill over to into every day, real life situations for example; focus on the owner, recall, loose lead walking and so much more!